Tours in Madrid Region

Private tours in Madrid, Escorial, Aranjuez

Madrid is the capital of the country, the 3rd largest city in the EU. In the mid 9th century, Muhammad I of Cordoba constructed a small castle where the Royal Palace now stands. The Moors built a citadel, al-Mudayna, around this castle. They named the area after the nearby Manzanares River, which the muslims called al-Majrit. From this came the name Majerit, later spelled Madrid.

Welcome! You’ll fall in love with Madrid and see it as the locals do – as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! As well as the stunning San Miguel Market (one of Madrid’s gastronomic highlights) and the Plaza de la Villa (one of Madrid’s prettiest squares). See the famous Royal Opera House and marvel at the gorgeous Madrid Royal Palace…

3 Hours Panoramic tour Madrid

231,00 Including Tax

5 Hours Panoramic tour Madrid

375,00 Including Tax

Madrid In Rolls Royce. A unique experience!

328,00 Including Tax

8 Hours Panoramic Tour Toledo + Madrid

615,00 Including Tax

8 Hours Panoramic Tour Ávila + Madrid

615,00 Including Tax

8 Hours Panoramic Tour Segovia + Madrid

615,00 Including Tax

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