Tours in Castilla León Region

Private tours in Ávila, Segovia, Burgos

Castile-Leon, the Spanish soul. This is pure Spain, with vast plains, spectacular mountains, medieval towns and small villages. Important cities like Segovia, famed for a fairy-tale fortress that inspired Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty castle. Ávila with its multiturreted walls has something magical, especially at sunset, while the cathedral of Burgos is among Europe’s most impressive. As with most of Spain, food here is a must to try, promising the country’s best jamón (cured ham), roast lamb and suckling pig.

Welcome! Today we start the tour from Avila Cathedral. One of the first Gothic cathedrals in Spain, Avila Cathedral is both a church and a fortress, as the cathedral sanctuary is integrated into the city wall, forming part of the city’s defensive fortification….

During the Middle Ages, the town of Avila had a large flourishing and influential Jewish community. Medieval cobblestone streets and hidden squares hint at the legacy of the past in Barrio Judio (Jewish Quarter) in Avila…

5 Hours Panoramic tour Avila

385,00 Including Tax

7 Hours Panoramic tour Avila

540,00 Including Tax

5 Hours Panoramic tour Segovia

385,00 Including Tax

7 Hours Panoramic Tour Segovia + Granja De San Ildefonso

540,00 Including Tax

8 Hours Panoramic Tour Segovia + Madrid

615,00 Including Tax

8 Hours Panoramic Tour Ávila + Madrid

615,00 Including Tax

Unique Gastronomic Experience in Segovia

505,00 Including Tax

9 Hours Panoramic Tour Avila + Segovia

690,00 Including Tax

11 Hours Panoramic Tour Toledo + Segovia

810,00 Including Tax

13 Hours Panoramic Tour Toledo + Ávila + Segovia

995,00 Including Tax

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